House Plants

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a leaf, you would no doubt be aware of the return of the humble house plant.  A trend that was huge decades ago, like double denim, has made an almighty comeback and this is a trend I’m embracing whole-heartedly!  So much so, my four-year-old has put his foot down and said “no more plants in our house mummy or there will be no room left for all our toys”!  I have bad news for him though!  Still on my list is a Chain of Hearts, String of Pearls, Zanzibar Gem and I’m considering a Maiden Hair Fern for the bathroom.  I say ‘considering’ as the Maiden is notorious for being a difficult diva.

photo credit:  Nina Holst

Topping the charts as the most-wanted indoor plant of 2013 & 2014 was the Fiddle Leaf Fig.  It has stunning, mammoth, glossy green leaves and if it’s treated just right can grow to huge heights.  So far I have managed to keep mine alive for 3 whole weeks.  Since then it has sprouted 6 new leaves and is looking pretty darn happy.  It’s early days though.

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Here’s what I know about the Fiddle:

  • They are native to west Africa where they grow in low-land rainforest and thrive in humid conditions.  Sadly for the cold-climate dwellers, this guy may not be the plant for you.
  • Don’t over-water them (obviously it depends on the size of the plant and its environment, but I’m sticking to once a week);
  • They like filtered sunlight, a spot near a window with morning sunlight is perfect;
  • Just water at the base or the leaves will become droopy;
  • Every so often (once a month) leave it to soak in the laundry/bath tub;
  • Apply milk to the leaves – sounds crazy right!  I use an old sock dipped in milk and wipe all the leaves.  It removes the dust and makes the leaves look so gorgeously glossy;
  • Signs of over-watering can be leaves at the base dropping off.

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Whilst Fiddle’s are still hugely popular, the latest “it” plant is the Chain of Hearts.  These super cute succulents have pretty heart-shaped leaves growing along their stems.  They look amazing as trailing or hanging plants, and you can also wrap the vines around wire and grow them as topiary.

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If looks alone are not enough to convince you to embrace the humble house plant, they also come with added benefits!  Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide helping purify the air.  Studies have also shown that the calming influence of nature helps improve memory retention and concentration.  A few well-placed house plants have also been known to help people recover from stress and fatigue.

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Product Launch | Kip & Co. SS14

The amazingly talented team at Kip & Co. have just launched their new SS14 bedding and homewares range called One Fine Day, and it sure is fine! Kip&Co_HR_Finals (39 of 94) Bold graphic prints and bright fun colours are a trade-mark feature of Kip & Co.’s designs and the latest release is right on trend filled with pretty florals, soft pastels, bold colours and some super fun prints.
Kip&Co_HR_Finals (34 of 94) In just 2 short years the gorgeous girls from Kip & Co have seen their beautiful bedding quickly become a highly sought-after lifestyle brand.  Featuring in numerous home and lifestyle magazines and making appearances on hit television show’s such as The Block, this Australian company is destined for great things. Kip&Co_HR_Finals (31 of 94) Kip & Co.’s latest release oozes fun.  Vibrant patterns adorn the amazing kids range, which features a collab with uber cool kids fashion label Munster.  The Tiny Range of cot sheets and baby blankets are super cute and the Kids quilt covers, pillowcases, cushions and blankets are amazing.  My 2 year old son will soon be making the leap from cot to big boy bed, I let him choose his new bedding and Munster Leopard print it is!  I’m in the process of putting the design concept together for his room make-over and can’t wait to share it soon! Kip&Co_HR_Finals (91 of 94)
In collaboration with Incy Interiors, Kip & Co’s bed and cot range is unique, playful and so much fun!
Kip&Co_HR_Finals (65 of 94) The images from the SS14 release completely capture the essence of the One Fine Day range.  The beanbags are just perfect for creating a relaxed summer vibe, and the velvet quilt covers and cushions have a divine sense of luxury.
Kip&Co_HR_Finals (53 of 94)
Kip&Co_HR_Finals (32 of 94) One of these beanbags is going on my Christmas wish list, but which one??!!  Should I go for a plain velvet or one of the divine floral prints?

You can view the complete range here: Kip & Co.

Black+White Styling

Black and white styling is always on trend and is a great palette for those a little nervous about getting started with home decorating.  I could look at images of black and white interiors all day long!  I love the sense of calm that a monochrome interior evokes.  Various textures and patterns and even accents of timber give a black and white theme a warm and inviting feel.  Layering throws, accent cushions in varying patterns and bold graphic artworks are simple ways to decorate with black and white to create a super stylish space.

I love the styling in this image!!  White walls and white painted floors, accents of black and timber and how about those shoes!

Vertical shelving is a great way to add interest to a small space.  I love the simple black and white styling of this gorgeous cross blanket, Eames chair and wall calendar. 00566d2b1aa1ff4699c9d25512e13f7c

Create interest to a black and white theme with texture and pattern in throws and accessories. 80c91af88e3a9dd69fdd5a8200240727

Washi tape is a great and super inexpensive way to create wall art using your favourite pics.  I have just ordered a stack of photo prints and can’t wait to re-create this look at home.

Black and white also looks fabulous in kitchen spaces. 30a3d4b85241b4073f973ddae38cbc44

A collection of prints stacked on top of wall shelves looks great and can be changed around to create a fresh new look with ease. 3b27ec2fdecf40df13490c58d8b6023f

These lights are amazing!  What a fabulous way to decorate a corner space! 1c0514119c3660d157a3427b8721216e

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

These are a few of my must-have black and white items
B+W Homewares

| cross blanket | big spot quilt cover | stripe rug | abc wall clock |
| storage sack | houndstooth cushion | flip-lid bin |

Nicole Richie’s Stylish Soirée

I’ve always admired Nicole Richie’s effortless chic sense of style in fashion, and it seems she has the same amazing sense of style in design also.

I recently stumbled across an article featuring her stunning Hollywood Hills home where she hosted an intimate girls night out, featuring a delicious Middle Eastern feast.

The event was themed with an eclectic mix of vintage and bohemian styling featuring Persian rugs, string lighting, Moroccan lanterns, a table centrepiece of succulents and a canvas tee pee!  entertaining-nicole-richie-n-07 entertaining-nicole-richie-21 entertaining-nicole-richie-n-01 entertaining-nicole-richie-13 entertaining-nicole-richie-10 entertaining-nicole-richie-06 How stunning are those hydrangeas! entertaining-nicole-richie-05

entertaining-nicole-richie-04 entertaining-nicole-richie-07 entertaining-nicole-richie-27 DomaineHomeCom_NicoleRitchie


Maja House by Deko

Want to peek inside a gorgeous home created by a design and decoration magazine?  This home named “Maja” was designed for the Housing Fair Finland by Finnish decoration magazine Deko in collaboration with the residents.

An abundance of natural light, polished concrete flooring and white walls contrast beautifully with the dark painted ceilings.  How I long for higher ceilings, which I would without doubt paint dark!

The furnishings used in the home compliment the interior design to perfection.  A Beni Ourian style rug gives warmth and texture to the living space.  I love grey+white+black teamed with the natural beauty of timber.

This home has a lovely relaxed, modern feel with a hint of industrial coolness. deko_maja_housingfairfinland_emmas_designblogg_51d53ea89606ee384d4dd16d deko_maja_housingfairfinland_emmas_designblogg_4_51d53ea7ddf2b329ddb3a5ac deko_maja_housingfairfinland_emmas_designblogg_2_51d53ea49606ee38ed8137f4 dekoasuntomessutmajahouse4housingfairfinland_51d53eaae087c3263c264d8d dekobedroommajahouse7housingfairfinland_51d53eac9606ee396748e36a dekobooksmajahouse8housingfairfinland_51d53eae9606ee3960f89aac

Source | deko

The Bailey’s Outdoor Patio


A recent design board created for the Bailey family.  The clients brief was to create a beach-inspired theme for their outdoor patio.

I chose Adirondack chairs with a selection of cushions for seating; a large basket to store the cushions whilst they are not in use; lanterns and a wicker hanging light to create night-time ambience; and a hanging planter and pot-stand for herbs.

I loved creating this scheme.  Hope you like it!!

DS xo

Brick Bay House

This home in a small coastal town on the North Island of New Zealand is all kinds of amazing!  Architects Glamuzina Paterson have created a seamless integration of interior and exterior spaces in this stunner of a home.  The surroundings are just divine, and I love how the house perfectly compliments its natural rural environment.

The interior features blonde timber flooring and milky white tones, teamed with exposed ceiling beams and timber wall panelling.  Large expanses of stacking slider doors allow light to fill the living areas and capture the stunning outlook.

bb_020913_07 bb_020913_08 bb_020913_11-940x701 bb_020913_12-940x1258 bb_020913_13-940x686 bb_020913_14-940x1261 bb_020913_16-940x1264 bb_020913_17-940x1410 bb_020913_18-940x783 bb_020913_19-940x735

Isn’t it just amazing!  I’m a little besotted with the outdoor fireplace, the hanging chairs and that hammock!

Source: Contemporist
 Images: Samuel Hartnett
Glamuzina Paterson Architects


Ikea 2014 Catalogue Launch

Ikea have just released their 2014 catalogue, and it’s jam-packed with loads of must have homewares and full of inspiring interior images.

Here are some of my favourite images and products from the catalogue.88-89A contemporary black+white dining space featuring one of my all time favourite rugs. 140-141 128-129 114-115 Love the pops of colour in this kitchen. 90-91 These oversize buttons are a great way to add some fun to your walls. 86-87 Hello yellow!  Totally in love with these pendant lights, and the curved-back dining chairs are divine. 80-81 Loving this super-cool kids space! 56-57 132-133 50-51 46-47
94-95 40-41 36-37 24-25 18-19 6-7 Flexible LED lighting rope, how fun! 4-5 2-3 152-153
Topping my list of must-haves are the Wall Buttons, which would be just perfect in my kids playroom; the bright blue ‘Easy’ Chair for my deck; and my dining room NEEDS the Stockholm black+white stripe rug.  What’s on your list?

There are so many great new products in the catalogue, gorgeous rugs; lighting; chairs and loads of super fun things for kids.  You can view the entire catalogue here.

The Flynn’s Avalon Home

The home featured in today’s post is that of Alice Flynn and family.  Located in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is this charming 1960′s family house.  The interior finishes are calming and subtle, from milky white-washed floorboards, white walls and natural Sandstone cladding to the fireplace.  The spaces are furnished with pieces that add layers of character and charm and create a warm, relaxed environment.

Alice’s creative-flair is displayed evidently throughout her home.  The elephant artwork, titled “Henry” and the neon “Joy” sign are both available from online store Penny Farthing Design House, a collaborative design brand Alice co-owns with her sister.

9alice 11alice 3alice myfavoritethingtodoathome 12alice 7alice 5alice 4alice 1alice 2alice 6alice  Credits:  Source – Design Sponge | Photography – Chris Warnes