Blissful Bathrooms

I’m normally a shower kind-of-girl, one who’s in and out in five minutes flat before my 3 boys realise I’ve disappeared and start howling that they can’t find a matching pair or socks, or that some other worldly disaster has occurred and requires my urgent attention.  I have it down to a very fine art of shampooing, conditioning, shaving, cleansing and rinsing that does the job but certainly leaves no time for relaxing and pampering.

Last night I was reminded of just how blissful the art of taking a bath actually is.  It was only brought about by necessity as I had a wee operation yesterday to remove a skin cancer on my shoulder thanks to a little too much baking in the sun as a teeny bopper on the Gold Coast.  So, unable to shower, husbo filled the tub for me and in I plonked to total relaxation!!  From now on I shall (I repeat I SHALL) take time out to unwind and enjoy a bath as a weekly ritual.

Bathrooms are a great space to create an area dedicated to relaxation, pampering and taking time out to unwind.  Here’s a little bathroom inspiration…

Create a day spa feel with natural elements like stone and wood.
A beautiful carved timber mirror makes a stunning feature.
A hit of colour with floor tiles creates a wow factor.
Simple yet stunning white subway wall tiles contrast beautifully
with dark floors and a black claw-foot bath tub.
A collection of shaped mirrors creates a stunning feature.
Exposed brick walls look great in bathrooms.
Sleek, modern, minimalist.
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