Black+White Styling

Black and white styling is always on trend and is a great palette for those a little nervous about getting started with home decorating.  I could look at images of black and white interiors all day long!  I love the sense of calm that a monochrome interior evokes.  Various textures and patterns and even accents of timber give a black and white theme a warm and inviting feel.  Layering throws, accent cushions in varying patterns and bold graphic artworks are simple ways to decorate with black and white to create a super stylish space.

I love the styling in this image!!  White walls and white painted floors, accents of black and timber and how about those shoes!

Vertical shelving is a great way to add interest to a small space.  I love the simple black and white styling of this gorgeous cross blanket, Eames chair and wall calendar. 00566d2b1aa1ff4699c9d25512e13f7c

Create interest to a black and white theme with texture and pattern in throws and accessories. 80c91af88e3a9dd69fdd5a8200240727

Washi tape is a great and super inexpensive way to create wall art using your favourite pics.  I have just ordered a stack of photo prints and can’t wait to re-create this look at home.

Black and white also looks fabulous in kitchen spaces. 30a3d4b85241b4073f973ddae38cbc44

A collection of prints stacked on top of wall shelves looks great and can be changed around to create a fresh new look with ease. 3b27ec2fdecf40df13490c58d8b6023f

These lights are amazing!  What a fabulous way to decorate a corner space! 1c0514119c3660d157a3427b8721216e

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

These are a few of my must-have black and white items
B+W Homewares

| cross blanket | big spot quilt cover | stripe rug | abc wall clock |
| storage sack | houndstooth cushion | flip-lid bin |

Maja House by Deko

Want to peek inside a gorgeous home created by a design and decoration magazine?  This home named “Maja” was designed for the Housing Fair Finland by Finnish decoration magazine Deko in collaboration with the residents.

An abundance of natural light, polished concrete flooring and white walls contrast beautifully with the dark painted ceilings.  How I long for higher ceilings, which I would without doubt paint dark!

The furnishings used in the home compliment the interior design to perfection.  A Beni Ourian style rug gives warmth and texture to the living space.  I love grey+white+black teamed with the natural beauty of timber.

This home has a lovely relaxed, modern feel with a hint of industrial coolness. deko_maja_housingfairfinland_emmas_designblogg_51d53ea89606ee384d4dd16d deko_maja_housingfairfinland_emmas_designblogg_4_51d53ea7ddf2b329ddb3a5ac deko_maja_housingfairfinland_emmas_designblogg_2_51d53ea49606ee38ed8137f4 dekoasuntomessutmajahouse4housingfairfinland_51d53eaae087c3263c264d8d dekobedroommajahouse7housingfairfinland_51d53eac9606ee396748e36a dekobooksmajahouse8housingfairfinland_51d53eae9606ee3960f89aac

Source | deko

The Flynn’s Avalon Home

The home featured in today’s post is that of Alice Flynn and family.  Located in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, is this charming 1960′s family house.  The interior finishes are calming and subtle, from milky white-washed floorboards, white walls and natural Sandstone cladding to the fireplace.  The spaces are furnished with pieces that add layers of character and charm and create a warm, relaxed environment.

Alice’s creative-flair is displayed evidently throughout her home.  The elephant artwork, titled “Henry” and the neon “Joy” sign are both available from online store Penny Farthing Design House, a collaborative design brand Alice co-owns with her sister.

9alice 11alice 3alice myfavoritethingtodoathome 12alice 7alice 5alice 4alice 1alice 2alice 6alice  Credits:  Source – Design Sponge | Photography – Chris Warnes

A Vintage Delight in Warrandyte

I’m a passionate Aussie, and I love discovering little Aussie gems so when I came across this character-filled Melbourne home in the suburb of Warrandyte I knew I wanted to feature it’s vintage style gorgeousness on the blog.

It’s owners have only lived here for 8 short months and whilst they have big plans to knock-out walls and eventually add a modern extension, the home of Paula Mills and family already has a truly lived-in homely feel.

The house has loads of amazing treasures, most of which have interesting stories about how they came into possession of the Mills family.  The 50’s pink dining table was found at an auction whilst the family resided in Johannesburg.  The beautiful pale blue vintage-style dress was Paula’s grandmothers.  Industrial style pendant lights in the dining, living and verandah were being thrown-away by Paula’s art school, her husband Pete brought them back to life.

Paula Mills is a seriously talented Illustrator, and along with her sister owns business “Sweet William”.  Examples of Paula’s work can be seen throughout the home, the Pink Peony Canvas displayed on the mantle piece in the first image is a recent creation of hers.

1paula 4paula 5paula 6paula 7paula 8paula 9paula 11paula 12paula 13paula 15paula 14paula 17paula
The exterior of the home was painted in tones of muted greys and greens, and true to creative-form the Mills family added their own touch by painting the door a vibrant red.

I love everything about this place, especially the story that it tells of it’s owners.  Just by glancing at the images of the interior you get a real sense of the delightful family which call it home.

source :: Design*Sponge

Interior Inspiration :: Stockholm Apartment

This home has a refined sense of effortless simplicity that I am completely besotted with.  White interiors with accents of black, grey and wood are definitely my cup of tea.  What I really love above this apartment by Stockholm Construction company Folkhem is the timeless colour palette, which to me always looks fresh and inviting.  The styling is divine – from the portrait artwork hung in the bedroom; to the beautiful collection of vases displayed in the window recesses, and an Eames moulded plywood chair always completes a living room! FolkhemSe-18 FolkhemSe-17 FolkhemSe-16 FolkhemSe-13 FolkhemSe-15 FolkhemSe-14 FolkhemSe-12 FolkhemSe-11 FolkhemSe-10 FolkhemSe-9 FolkhemSe-8 FolkhemSe-7 FolkhemSe-5 FolkhemSe-4 FolkhemSe-3 FolkhemSe-2

credits: My Scandinavian HomeFolkhem | Petra Bindel


Spaces for the Littlies

Forgive me for the image overload in this post.  I get a little carried away when it comes to kids rooms!  I loved creating rooms for my two little guys, designing rooms for little people is loads of fun!!  Whilst I think it is important to create a sense of calm surrounding the actual sleeping space, kids rooms are a great opportunity to go a little crazy.  I love creating unique and inspiring children’s rooms and injecting a sense of personality with wallpapers, wall decals, gorgeous play tents, wall shelves, prints, rugs and lighting is a great way to create a seriously cool space for little people.  These are some of my favourite little spaces.  Enjoy x HousetoHome_kids-room image source photo6 image source Trendzona_Blackboard-wall-in-the-child-room image source Trendzona_Baby-room-with-blackboard-wall image source photo7 image source photo5 image source Ninemsn_Love-the-Look---kids-room-1 image source Jenni-Kayne-Playroom image source Jenni-Kayne-Nursery image source AD_JenniKayneNursery image source ApartmentTherapy_colourful-kids-room image source Whitecatvintage_black eiffel boys rooms image source Ubabub image source Home-designing_Colorful-kids-room-idea image source Whitecatvintage_domino boys room image source EmpireLaneDesign_GoldBees image source EmpireLaneDesign_AlpineBlack image source EmpireLaneDesign_GoldPolkaDots image source

Inspiring right!  I LOVE the gold polka dot’s in the last image.  Wall decals are an easy way to create an amazing feature wall, and polka dot’s are totally on trend and not just for kids rooms!

Miami Catwalk Cool, The QT Hotel

Design, fashion, art, food, wine and music – the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast has it all.  Formerly the Gold Coast International Hotel, the newly refurbished Surfers Paradise landmark is now a vibrant entertainment and accommodation destination with a quirky fun mix of glamour and style.

The creative genius behind the transformation, Nic Graham describes the vibe as “Nostalgic surfer chic meets Miami catwalk cool”.

The SpaQ is sublime!  I’m lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast and have experienced the sheer bliss of a treatment here with a bunch of girlfriends.  The relaxation lounge is decorated in pops of bright colour combined with beautiful natural elements.

The Stingray lounge bar has a relaxed California Baja vibe of pop art meets industrial chic, and has 50 in-house tequilas to choose from!

I love the quirky fun sense of style throughout the resort. qt-gold-coast-spa-q-01 qt-gold-coast-spa-q-04 qt-gold-coast-spa-q-10 qt-gold-coast-spa-q-26 qt-gold-coast-spa-q-27 qt-gold-coast-spa-q-09 qt-gold-coast-fixx-02 qt-gold-coast-bazaar-17 qt-gold-coast-bazaar-12 qt-gold-coast-fixx-05 qt-gold-coast-fixx-08 qt-gold-coast-lawn-13 qt-gold-coast-stingray-07 qt-gold-coast-king-ocean-view-room-01 qt-gold-coast-king-suite-04 qt-gold-coast-king-suite-03 qt-gold-coast-qtique-09 qt-gold-coast-lobby-19 qt-gold-coast-lobby-13 qt-gold-coast-pool-06 Credits: Images via QT Hotel  Architecture by Nic Graham & Associates


Pearl Valley Residence

I stumbled across a snapshot of this impressive home whilst scanning through Pinterest last night and just had to see more of it and boy am I sure glad I did!  Designed by Antoni Associates, this amazing residence in the exclusive Cape Town golfing estate of Pearl Valley has so many stand-out features.  I’m just a little (ok a LOT) envious of the indoor pool and bar area, and I think I could quite happily gaze out the window towards the 18th hole of a golf course – I know my other half sure could!

7-PearlValley334_1_Ext_002_Bar_002_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 8-PearlValley334_1_Int_004_FamilyRoom_001_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 11-PearlValley334_2_Int_102_MainEn-Suite_001_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 10-PearlValley334_2_Int_101_Landing_001_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 9-PearlValley334_2_Int_003_Kitchen_001_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 6-PearlValley334_1_Ext_002_Bar_001_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 5-PearlValley334_1_Int_002_Dining_004_al_ANTONI ASSOCIATES 4-luxury-residence-interior-lighting-decor 3-luxury-residence-interior-decor 2-pearl-valley-luxury-residence 1-luxury-residence-interior-living-room The cluster of tables and hanging wooden pendants make this a pretty fabulous sitting area.

Scandinavian Inspired Interiors

I’ve always been a whole lot in love with Scandinavian Style Interiors.  Milky white palettes with subtle hints of pastel colour, accents of black, layers of texture, natural stone and wood elements all create a real sense of relaxed luxury. ScandiStyle_moodboard 1d23f83ef4a7d9d52a5027741b2bc9ac 6e8a1682f57f69e571603d37bfc68d5a 0c189d2aa9f5f87f4b3737cb7e7fced3 32f3dd12220add0bf228a1a9c00d6043 ec482367eb3656fc2c58f93ea113ee13 39acc88729304b572c44e37b41f1bd4f 090eadd8db966bcc665b9c5173f0fcf6 8485a3a5e0f2d7c1be76ea9c77cd2a4b 392412cd047a0753ecdf9e25defdaad2 62936428bc12bb950e78de8a4f59b799 ac5ba96d8c675d37fe27140b3940ca01 fc2d67c5940c0787d958bcc9f8cf693c dfa3823ad6f948fcad919846114958f3