Interior Inspiration :: Stockholm Apartment

This home has a refined sense of effortless simplicity that I am completely besotted with.  White interiors with accents of black, grey and wood are definitely my cup of tea.  What I really love above this apartment by Stockholm Construction company Folkhem is the timeless colour palette, which to me always looks fresh and inviting.  The styling is divine – from the portrait artwork hung in the bedroom; to the beautiful collection of vases displayed in the window recesses, and an Eames moulded plywood chair always completes a living room! FolkhemSe-18 FolkhemSe-17 FolkhemSe-16 FolkhemSe-13 FolkhemSe-15 FolkhemSe-14 FolkhemSe-12 FolkhemSe-11 FolkhemSe-10 FolkhemSe-9 FolkhemSe-8 FolkhemSe-7 FolkhemSe-5 FolkhemSe-4 FolkhemSe-3 FolkhemSe-2

credits: My Scandinavian HomeFolkhem | Petra Bindel


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